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Saga in a Nutshell


Saga acts as file centralization system that ties working spaces together.

By tracking how files (knowledge) are sent to other working spaces, Saga can add huge improvements to how we view our work and projects.

Saga Workings

The Input/Output Problem:

             With most work processes, there are a chaotic delivery of Inputs and outputs between departments and individuals.  

            Often these handoffs are done through dumping them in a shared drive and with some email message.   Emails are lost and the shared drive starts behaving like a folder dump.

            Over time the files and emails are lost resulting in lost knowledge and productivity.

Saga allows users to version control their own working space while maintaining direct connection to other user's work space.  

Saga provides user the ability to assign input and outputs to individual files and track each version of the file and the corresponding messages between sender, reciever and other users.


"Folder Dump" Problem:

             Without Proper Version control, working folders often turn into a folder dump that sorely needs context to properly understand the files and data. 


Saga provides version control capabilities to allow to track the different versions of files within a directory and in between directories.
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